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State Department statement about Tuesday’s OFAC designations

Sanctions Against Venezuelan Gold Sector

Media Note

Office of the Spokesperson

Washington, DC

March 19, 2019

Today, the United States takes necessary actions to prevent the former Maduro regime from further plundering Venezuela’s assets and natural resources.

On November 1, 2018, President Trump signed Executive Order (E.O.) 13850, which targets persons operating in the gold sector of the Venezuelan economy. Today, the United States is designating the Venezuelan state-owned gold-sector company, MINERVEN, and its president, Adrian Antonio Perdomo Mata, for operating in this sector.

Maduro and his illicit network are misusing Venezuela’s gold-mining operations as another way to steal from the Venezuelan people after having mismanaged and plundered Venezuela’s crumbling oil industry.

Today’s action will prevent Maduro and other corrupt actors from further enriching themselves at the expense of the long-suffering Venezuelan people. In addition, it will help stop mining-related environmental damage and labor exploitation in Venezuela’s gold industry.

U.S. sanctions need not be permanent. The United States has made clear that the removal of sanctions is available to those who refuse to take part in human rights abuses, and who take concrete and meaningful actions to restore democratic order; speak out against abuses committed by the former Maduro regime; and combat corruption in Venezuela.

The United States continues to stand with interim President Juan Guaido, the democratically elected National Assembly, and the people of Venezuela as they peacefully restore constitutional order and prosperity to their country.


State Department Press Release

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