March 18, 2019: Another OFSI oopsie – Wael Abdulkarim still sanctioned


1. This Notice is to issue a correction relating to a listing under the Syria Regime.

Notice summary (Full details are provided in the Annex to this Notice)

2. On 21 July 2017, Wael Abdulkarim (Group ID: 13230) was removed from the

consolidated list, following the Adbulkarim vs Council (Case T-304/15) court judgement.

3. However, the annulment of Council Decision (CFSP) 2015/383 of 6 March 2015 in so far as it related to Mr Abdulkarim, did not result in Mr Abdulkarim being delisted. He was therefore removed from the consolidated list in error in July 2017. Mr Abdulkarim has therefore remained subject to financial sanctions since July 2017 and continues to be, as set out in Regulation (EU) No 36/2012.

and here is the affected listing:


DOB: 30/09/1973. POB: Danascus, Syria a.k.a: AL KARIM, Wael Address: Al Karim for Trade and Industry, PO Box 111, Damascus, Syria, 5797. Other Information: Leading businessperson of Palestinian origin operating In Syria in the oil, chemicals and manufacturing industries. Specifically, he represents Abdulkarim Group, a.k.a Al Karim Group/AlKarim for Trade and Industry/Al Karim Trading and Industry/Al Karim for the Trade and Industry. Abdulkarim Group is a leading manufacturer of lubricants, greases and industrial chemicals in Syria. Listed on: 09/03/2015 Last Updated: 21/07/2017 18/03/2019 Group ID: 13230.


OFSI Notice

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