Marching in the same direction, but not in lockstep…

So, if you’ve read the releases from OFSI & the EU, OFAC, Canada and Australia, you’ll notice that they all designated some Russian persons and entities for actions in the Sea of Azov/Kerch Strait, eastern Ukraine and/or Crimea. But they all did different things…

The UK and EU regulators designated 8 persons, the US 6 persons and 8 entities, Canada 114 persons and 15 entities (claiming previously having designated 300 total parties), and Australia added 10 persons.

So, does this bring everyone to the same sanctioned parties? Because, after all, sanctions are most effective when you can cut off more of the world’s financial markets from the people you are trying to influence or punish.

(See the US’ ineffective Cuba sanctions program, if you need any real proof)

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