February 25, 2019: OFAC sanctions 4 Venezuelan governors

On Monday, OFAC added the following 4 officials:

CARRIZALEZ RENGIFO, Ramon Alonso (a.k.a. CARRIZALES, Ramon), Apure, Venezuela; DOB 08 Nov 1952; Gender Male; Cedula No. 2516238 (Venezuela) (individual) [VENEZUELA]. 


GARCIA CARNEIRO, Jorge Luis (a.k.a. GARCIA CARNEIRO, Jorge), La Guaira, Vargas, Venezuela; DOB 08 Feb 1952; POB Caracas, Venezuela; Gender Male; Cedula No. 4169273 (Venezuela) (individual) [VENEZUELA]. 


LACAVA EVANGELISTA, Rafael Alejandro (a.k.a. LACAVA EVANGELISTA, Rafael; a.k.a. LACAVA, Rafael), Carabobo, Venezuela; DOB 03 Sep 1968; Gender Male; Cedula No. 8611651 (Venezuela) (individual) [VENEZUELA]. 


PRIETO FERNANDEZ, Omar Jose (a.k.a. PRIETO, Omar), San Francisco, Zulia, Venezuela; DOB 25 May 1969; Gender Male; Cedula No. 9761075 (Venezuela) (individual) [VENEZUELA].  

to the sanctions imposed on the government of Venezuela.


OFAC Notice

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