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January 10, 2019: Oops, OFSI (and EU)! Libyan Agricultural Bank designation corrected

Yesterday, British regulators implemented corrections from a Corrigenda issued by the EU, correcting the following Libya sanctions listing:

Libyan Agricultural Bank

a.k.a: (1) Agricultural Bank (2) Al Masraf Al Zirae (3) Al Masraf Al Zirae Agricultural Bank (4) Libyan Agricultural Bank Address: (1) Al Jumhouria Street, East Junzour, Al Gheran, Tripoli, Libya. (2) El Ghayran Area, Ganzor, El Sharqya, PO Box 1100, Tripoli, Libya. Other Information: EU listing. Not UN. Libyan subsidiary of the Central Bank of Libya. Closely associated with the former regime of Muammar Qadhafi. Email SWIFT/BIC AGRULYLT (Libya). Tel (218)2144870586 (218)214870586, (218)214870714, (218)214870745, (218)213338366, (218)213331533, (218)213333541, (218)213333544, (218)213333543, (218)213333542. Fax (218)214870747, (218)214870767, (218)214870777, (218)213330927, (218)213333545. Listed on: 14/04/2011 Last Updated: 04/08/2015 10/01/2019 Group ID: 11745.


OFSI Notice

EU Corrigenda

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