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December 17, 2018: OFSI renews Khalid Sheikh Mohammed TAFA Final Designation

Yesterday, OFSI renewed the Final Designation of:


a.k.a: (1) ALI, Salem (2) BIN KHALID, Fahd, Bin Adballah (3) HENIN, Ashraf, Refaat, Nabith (4) MOHAMMED, Khalid, Shaikh (5) WADOOD, Khalid, Adbul Nationality: Kuwaiti citizenship Passport Details: 488555 DOB: (1) 01/03/1964. (2) 14/04/1965. POB: (1) Kuwait (2) Pakistan Other Information: Both UK listing and EU listing. In US custody (as at December 2018). Listed on: 12/10/2001 Last Updated: 17/12/2018 Group ID: 6994.

under the Terrorist Asset-Freezing etc Act 2010 (TAFA) for an additional year.


OFSI Notice

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