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Australia clamps down on DPRK vessels


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On 8 December 2018 the Government amended the Charter of the United Nations (Sanctions – Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) Regulations 2008 to give effect to certain United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolutions relating to North Korea. The amendments impose additional restrictions regarding vessels.

The Charter of the United Nations (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) Amendment (Shipping) Regulations 2018 give authority to the Minister for Foreign Affairs to make a notifiable instrument requiring that a vessel be prohibited from being registered in, or if already registered removed from, Australia’s shipping registers where this is required by UNSC resolutions. They also introduce prohibitions on the provision of classification services, insurance services and reinsurance services to DPRK-related vessels whose registration has been cancelled.

Details of Australia’s sanctions with respect to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) can be found at:


Sanctions Section

Sanctions, Treaties and Transnational Crime Legal Branch
Legal Division

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade / DFAT Sanctions website / DFAT Consolidated List

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