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OFAC amends DRC sanctions regulations

Today, OFAC published an amendment to the Democratic Republic of the Congo Sanctions Regulations which primarily implements Executive Order 13671 (which is from 2014). Here’s the nub, from the Background section:

This rule revises subpart G of the Regulations and republishes it in its entirety. Subpart G of the Regulations describes the civil and criminal penalties applicable to violations of the Regulations, as well as the procedures governing the potential

imposition of a civil monetary penalty or issuance of a Finding of Violation. Subpart G also refers to appendix A of part 501 for a more complete description of these procedures. Finally, this rule updates the delegation of authority by the Secretary of the Treasury in subpart H of the Regulations.

This includes the sections on penalties, pre-penalty notices, and finding of violations, among others. But the entire amendment is quite lengthy (44 page PDF), because of the technical and conforming changes.

This will be published in the Federal Register tomorrow and take effect then.


OFAC Notice

Amendment to Democratic Republic of the Congo Sanctions Regulations

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