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October 25, 2018: EU extends Burundi sanctions

Council of the European Union  
25/10/2018 | PRESS RELEASE

Burundi: EU renews sanctions until 31 October 2019


On 25 October 2018, the Council renewed the EU restrictive measures against Burundi until 31 October 2019. These measures consist of a travel ban and asset freeze against four persons whose activities were deemed to be undermining democracy or obstructing the search for a political solution to the crisis in Burundi. These activities include acts of violence, repression or incitement to violence and acts which constitute serious human rights violations.

The Council considered that the absence of progress in the situation regarding the four persons subject to restrictive measures justified the prolongation of the sanctions.

The EU remains deeply concerned by the human rights situation in Burundi, which undermines any initiative for reconciliation, peace and justice. It highlights, in particular, the persistence of extrajudicial executions and arbitrary arrests. Since the beginning of the crisis in Burundi, the EU has stressed that only through dialogue leading to consensus, in compliance with the Arusha Agreement of 2000 and the Burundian Constitution, can a lasting political solution be found in the interests of security and democracy for all Burundi’s people. 

The names of the persons concerned and the reasons for listing them are included in the annex to the decision of 1 October 2015 published in the Official Journal. Today’s legal acts were adopted by written procedure.


EU Press Release

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