SECO delists two persons from South Sudan sanctions

Earlier today, Swiss offficlals removed the following persons: 

SSID: 195-38341 Name: Paul Malong

DOB: a) 2 Jan 1962 b) 12 Apr 1960 c) 4 Dec 1960 d) 30 Jan 1960 POB: a) Malualkon, Sudan b) Malualkon, South Sudan c) Warawar, Sudan d) Warawar, South Sudan Justification: Paul Malong was Chief of the General Staff of the SPLA (Sudan People’s Liberation Army) until May 2017. Although he has been removed from his position, he remains a highly influential figure as he commands control of several militia, has loyalties within the SPLA and has a large patronage network. His influence is also demonstrated by the facts that in Oct 2017 senior officers (including Lt. Col. Chan Garang) attempted to forcefully free Malong from house arrest; in Jan 2018, President Kiir accused Malong of mobilising for war. Malong also commanded troops that committed serious violations of human rights, including the targeting and killing of civilians and extensive destruction of villages. Modifications: Listed on 28 Mar 2018, de-listed on 3 Aug 2018

SSID: 195-38365 Name: Malek Reuben Riak

Title: Lieutenant General DOB: 1 Jan 1960 POB: Yei, South Sudan

Justification: a) Malek Reuben Riak has served as Deputy Chief of Defence Staff and Inspector General of the government’s army since May 2017. Prior to that, he served as Deputy Chief of Staff of the SPLA for Training (March 2016 – May 2017), and Deputy Chief of the SPLA (Jan 2013- March 2016). As Deputy Chief of Defence Staff, he played a key role in procuring weapons for the army. b) Malek Reuben Riak was identified by the UN Panel of Experts as a senior official responsible for planning and overseeing the execution of the government offensive in Unity state in Apr 2015. Serious human rights violations were committed, which included the systematic destruction of villages and infrastructure, the forced displacement of the local population, the indiscriminate killing and torturing of civilians, the widespread use of sexual violence, including against the elderly and children, and the abduction and recruitment of children as soldiers. This offensive, in the context of the ongoing peace talks between the government and the opposition, has obstructed the political process by acts of violence. Modifications: Listed on 28 Mar 2018, de-listed on 3 Aug 2018from their South Sudan sanctions program.


FINMA Notice

Data files of updates – PDFXML

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