Comparing Data Vendors

So, there have been a number of comments on the resource pages about comparing data vendors. It’s not really an exact science, unfortunately.

This is what I sent the commenters:

A) While you can get a general comparison from firms like Celent or Gartner, they’re generally not really detailed
B) Comparing them really depends on what you value. For example, Dow Jones has a very tight PEP definition that closely mirrors FATF – which is right for you if you feel you can rely on that definition when the regulatory is generic, like it is in the US. But you may  feel that, due to your risk appetite, you need to have the largest set of profiles, even if the risk of bribery and corruption of those job categories is minimal.
C) This also depends on how you’re going to use the data. If it’s in an in-house solution, then all your options are open. Otherwise, you need to see how good the integration of the data in your selected solution is (if it’s been integrated at all) – and, trust me, it’s not always so acceptable.
D) Your best bet is, sad to say, get the vendors to pitch you and have questions ready for them. Try to get a trial and a sample file, and do your own evaluation.

Anyone wish to add their perspective?

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