July 18, 2018: SECO delists Bassam Sabbagh from Syria sanctions

On Wednesday, Swiss authorities removed: 

SSID: 200-39035 Name: Bassam Sabbagh

DOB: 24 Aug 1959 POB: Damascus Good quality a.k.a.: Al Sabbagh Address: Kasaa, Anwar al Attar Street, al Midani building, Damascus Identification document: Passport No. 004326765, Syrian Arab Republic, Date of issue: 2 Nov 2008 (valid until November 2014) Justification: Legal and financial adviser and manages affairs of Rami Makhlouf and Khaldoun Makhlouf. Involved with Bashar al-Assad in funding a real estate project in Latakia. Provides financial support for the regime. Relation: Manages affairs of Rami Makhlouf (SSID 200-11672) Modifications: Listed on 12 Jun 2018, de-listed on 18 Jul 2018

from its Syria sanctions list.


FINMA Notice

Data files of updates – PDFXML

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