June 10, 2018: SECO modifies two DPRK listings

On Tuesday, Swiss authorities amended the following individual listing: 

SSID: 150-3611 Name: Ri Hong-sop

DOB: 1940 Nationality: DPR Korea

Justification: Former director, Yongbyon Nuclear Research Centre, oversaw three core facilities that assist in the production of weapons-grade plutonium: the Fuel Fabrication Facility, the Nuclear Reactor, and the Reprocessing Plant. Other information: Former director, Yongbyon Nuclear Research Center, and Head of Nuclear Weapons Institute Modifications: Amended on 9 Jul 2018

and entity listing: 

SSID: 150-33936 Name: Munitions Industry Department

Good quality a.k.a.: Military Supplies Industry Department Address: Pyongyang, DPR Korea

Justification: The Munitions Industry Department is involved in key aspects of the DPRK’s missile program. MID is responsible for overseeing the development of the DPRK’s ballistic missiles, including the Taepo Dong-2.The MID oversees the DPRK’s weapons production and R&D programs, including the DPRK’s ballistic missile program. The Second Economic Committee and the Second Academy of Natural Sciences – also designated in August 2010 – are subordinate to the MID. The MID in recent years has worked to develop the KN08 road-mobile ICBMICBM. The MID oversees the DPRK’s nuclear program. The Nuclear Weapons Institute is subordinate to the MID. Modifications: Listed on 4 Mar 2016, amended on 9 Jul 2018

both designated under the North Korea sanctions program.


FINMA Notice

Data files of updates – PDFXML

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