June 20, 2018: SECO amends 7 on Iran list

On Wednesday, Swiss regulators updated the following 4 individual listings: 

SSID: 80-11050 Foreign identifier: 14. Name: Darvish-Vand Javad

Justification: IRGC Brigadier-General; Former MODAFL Deputy for Inspection. ResponsibleInspection, responsible for all MODAFL facilities and installationsinstallations, who remains associated with, including through the provision of services to, MODAFL and the IRGC. Relation: Brigadier General of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) (104., SSID 80-9645) Modifications: Amended on 20 Jun 2018

SSID: 80-11198 Foreign identifier: 48. Name: Naqdi Mohammad Reza

DOB: 1953 (approximately)1953 POB: Nadjaf, Iraq

Justification: Brigadier General;IRGC Brigadier-General; Deputy Commander of IRGC for Cultural and Social Affairs. Former Commander of Basij Resistance Force. Modifications: Amended on 20 Jun 2018

SSID: 80-11219 Foreign identifier: 52. Name: Qasemi Rostam

DOB: 1961 Good quality a.k.a.: Ghasemi Rostam

Justification: Former Commander of Khatam al-Anbiya. Relation: Former Commander of Khatam al-Anbiya Construction Headquarters (KAA) (IRe.036, SSID 80-8462) Modifications: Amended on 20 Jun 2018

SSID: 80-11319 Foreign identifier: 75. Name: Zadeh Amir Ali Haji

Good quality a.k.a.: Hajizadeh Amir Ali

Justification: IRGC AirBrigadier-General ; IRGC Aerospace Force Commander, Brigadier GeneralCommander. Relation: Commander of IRGC Air Force (107., SSID 80-9668) Modifications: Amended on 20 Jun 2018

and 3 entity listings: 

SSID: 80-8878 Foreign identifier: 6. Name: Ashtian Tablo

Address: Ashtian Tablo, – No 67, Ghods Mirheydarimirheydari St, Yoosefabad, Tehran Justification: A manufacturerInvolved in the production and supply of specialist electrical equipment (switchgear) involvedand materials that have a direct application in the construction of the Fordow (Qom) facility, built without being declared to the IAEAIranian nuclear sector. Modifications: Amended on 20 Jun 2018

SSID: 80-9334 Foreign identifier: 60. Name: Noavaran Pooyamoj

Good quality a.k.a.: a) Noavaran Tejarat Paya b) Bastan Tejerat Mabna c) Behdis Tejarat d) Bazarganis Behdis Tejarat Alborz Company e) Behdis Tejarat General Trading Company f) Fanavaran Mojpooya g) Faramoj Company h) Tosee Danesh Fanavari Faramoj i) Green Emirate Paya j) Mehbang Sana k) Mohandesi Hedayat Control Paya l) Pooya Wave Company m) Towsee Fanavari Boshra Address: No 15, Eighth Street, Pakistan Avenue, Shahid Beheshti Avenue, Tehran

Justification: Involved in procurement of materials that are controlled and have direct application in the manufacture of centrifuges for Iran’s uranium enrichment programme. Modifications: Amended on 20 Jun 2018

SSID: 80-9605 Foreign identifier: 103.g Name: Shetab Gaman

Good quality a.k.a.: Taamin Gostaran Pishgaman Azar Address: Norouzi Alley, No 2, Larestan Street, Motahari Avenue, Tehran

Justification: Acting on behalf of Yasa Part. Relation: Acting on behalf of Yasa Part (including all branches) and subsidiaries (103., SSID 80-9576) Modifications: Amended on 20 Jun 2018

made under the Iran sanctions program.


FINMA Notice

Data files of updates – PDFXML

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