Someone is impersonating MAS

Warning on fraudulent email and website impersonating MAS


Singapore, 24 May 2018… The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) alerts the public to fraudulent emails impersonating MAS that attempt to get recipients to divulge their bank account IDs and passwords. Members of the public are advised not to click on the links in these emails or divulge any personal information including login IDs or passwords. 

These emails claim that banks in Singapore have come under attack by hackers. They contained a link to a fake MAS website. The recipients are then asked to provide details of their bank accounts, including IDs and passwords. Please see Annex A for screen shots of these emails and fake websites. 
MAS does not and will not ask bank customers to provide or verify their bank account information. If members of the public receive any unsolicited emails or letters purportedly from MAS requesting for bank account information, they should report to MAS at  

For more tips to guard against phishing activities, please refer to the MoneySENSE website: (The tips are also appended in Annex B for reference.)


MAS Notice

Annex AB

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