May 24, 2018: SECO amends 1 DPRK sanctions listing

Yesterday, Swiss authorities amended the following entity: 

SSID: 150-38795 Name: Weihai World-Shipping Freight

Address: 419-201, Tongyi Lu, Huancui Qu, Weihai, 264200, Shandong, China Justification: Ship and commercial manager of the XIN GUANG HAI, a vessel that on loaded coal at Taean, DPRK on 27 Oct 2017 and had an ETA of 14 Nov 2017 to Cam Pha, Vietnam, but it did not arrive and instead went to Port Klang, Malaysia on 18 Dec 2017arrive. Modifications: Listed on 30 Mar 2018, amended on 23 May 2018

listed under the North Korea sanctions program.


FINMA Notice


Data files of updates – PDFXML

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