March 26, 2018: HK SFC AML/CTF Circular

On March 26th, the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (HK SFC) issued an anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing (although they use CFT as an acronym) circular. It contained two elements:

  1. A notice that an updated Sudan sanctions list had been published in the government Gazette, and included a link to that publication.
  2. The SFC posted an updated self-assessment checklist on its website, and provided a link. It further explained:

The AML/CFT Self-Assessment Checklist has been prepared to provide a structured framework for licensed corporations (“LCs”) and associated entities (“AEs”) to assess compliance with the key AML/CFT requirements. LCs and AEs are advised to use the self-assessment checklist as part of their regular review to monitor their AML/CFT compliance.

The senior management of LCs and AEs should ensure that any compliance deficiencies identified during the regular reviews are rectified in a timely manner. In the course of our regular inspections, we may require LCs and AEs to provide documentary evidence of the performance of such review and its results.


HK SFC Notice

HK SFC Circular

Sudan sanctions list

AML/CFT Self-Assessment Checklist

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