Mr. Watchlist quoted in Compliance Week!

Saw this today – it’s more AML-focused than sanctions-focused, but it comes from a 15-minute interview I did last week for them. Yes, they misquoted me (it should be obvious) slightly, but we’ve asked that it gets fixed. Clearly, “countries” regulate, not “companies”…

BTW, Compliance Week has a paywall – you can either take a free 10-day trial to read the whole article if you see it, or you can try Googling the article title “As cryptocurrency creeps into mainstream”…

I am trying to get either a non-paywall link or a PDF to post here, but for now…

So exciting – first real quote since I’ve been in the industry. I must tell you, it’s a lot easier than writing articles. All you need is an idea, a way to express it and someone who thinks the opinion is worth publishing.

Hope you like it!

Mr. Watchlist – aka Eric Sohn

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