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February 19, 2018: UN, DFAT amend RI SU YONG North Korea sanctions listing

Last Monday, Australian regulators amended this individual listing modified by the United Nations 1718 Sanctions Committee (for the North Korea sanctions):

KPi.052 Name: 1: RI 2: SU YONG 3: na 4: na 

Title: na Designation: Official for Korea Ryonbong General Corporation, specializes 

in acquisition for DPRK’s defence industries and support to Pyongyang’s military-

related sales. Its procurements also probably support the DPRK’s chemical weapons 

programme DOB: 25 Jun. 1968 POB: na Good quality a.k.a.: na Low quality 

a.k.a.: na Nationality: Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Passport 

no: 654310175 National identification no: na Address: Cuba na Listed on: 2 Jun. 

2017 (amended on 15 Feb. 2018) Other information: Gender: male. Served as 

Korea Ryonbong General Corporation representative in Cuba.



UN Notice

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