February 19, 2018: OSFI updates RIUNRDPRK sanctions list

RIUNRDPRK – Regulations Implementing the United Nations Resolution on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

Last Monday, Canadian officials implemented the following changes to the following individual listing made by the United Nations 1718 Committee:

KPi.052 Name: 1: RI 2: SU YONG 3: na 4: na
Title: na Designation: Official for Korea Ryonbong General Corporation, specializes in acquisition for DPRK’s defence industries and support to Pyongyang’s military-related sales. Its procurements also probably support the DPRK’s chemical weapons programme DOB: 25 Jun. 1968 POB: na Good quality a.k.a.: na Low quality a.k.a.: naNationality: Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Passport no: 654310175 National identification no: na Address: Cuba na Listed on: 2 Jun. 2017 (amended on 15 Feb. 2018Other information: Gender: male.  Served as Korea Ryonbong General Corporation representative in Cuba.


OSFI Notice

UN Notice

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