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January 22, 2018: HMT makes 2 Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Act designations

On Monday, Her Majesty’s Treasury designated: 

1. KOVTUN, Dmitri, Vadimovich DOB: (1) 25/09/1965.

(2) 25/09/1969. POB: Moscow

a.k.a: KOVTUN, Dmitry, Vadimovich

Passport Details: Reference 62. Passport no. 9632078. Issued 17/08/2006. Expired 17/08/2011

Address: Apartment no. 150, Golubinskay Street, Moscow, Russia. 117463. Position: General Director of Gobal Project

Group ID: 13311.

2. LUGOVOY, Andrey, Konstantinovich DOB: 19/09/1966.

POB: Baku, Azerbaijan

a.k.a: LUGOVOI, Andrey, Konstantinovich

Passport Details: Reference 51.

Passport no. 0608109. Issued 18/11/2005. Expiring 03/05/2009 Address: Soloviniya Proezcl, 16-1-247, Moscow, Russia. 117593. Position: Member of the Russian Duma (Parliament)

Group ID: 13310.

under the Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001. The Notice explains the effect of the Act as well:

Under the Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001, HM Treasury may make a freezing order which prohibits persons from making funds available to or for the benefit of a person or persons specified in that order. This order may be made where the Treasury has a reasonable belief that persons specified in the order have taken or are likely to take action which is to the detriment of the UK economy; or a threat to the life or property of one or more nationals or residents of the UK.


HMT Notice

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