OFAC’s 2016 Terrorist Asset Report is out!

On December 1st, OFAC released the 2016 Terrorist Assets Report. Some highlights:

Approximately $149 million in assets relating to the three designated state sponsors of terrorism in 2016 have been identified by OFAC as blocked pursuant to economic sanctions imposed by the United States.2

There was a significant reduction in blocked assets between calendar year 2015 and calendar year 2016, primarily because victims of terrorism obtained nearly $2 billion of the blocked assets of terrorist organizations and state sponsors of terrorism during that period as a result of judgments in U.S. courts.

And nice tables of the breakdown, which details that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), Hizballah and Al-Qaida, in that order, make up the overwhelming majority of all the blocked assets under the FTO, SDGT, and SDT designations. The IRGC, in fact, at over $14 million, constituted more than twice as much in value than Hizballah (at over $6 million) and over 40% of the total ($34 million) denoted in the table.

Similarly, Iran’s almost $88 million represents almost 60% of the $149 million blocked from the state sponsors of terrorism, with Syria’s $32 million and Sudan’s just under $29 million making up the rest.

Lots of interesting background on the various Executive Orders and the like, too.


OFAC Notice

2016 Terrorist Assets Report

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