Slowly catching up…

As I’ve mentioned before, this is how I keep up to date on stuff. You may have noticed that things that are less time-sensitive, like fraud notices or OCC enforcement action lists, get published later so there’s always something to read here. 

The other pages take even more of a back seat. I’m committed to doing better and keeping them recent. I’ve just started using Asana to help organize me. The Publications page tends to get updated pretty quickly after I publish something new. The others… not so much.

But I’ve committed to a rolling 3-month update of the various regulatory pages, as well as the Event calendar. I just updated the Event calendar, actually – lots of new export control and anti-corruption events well into 2018. If I keep to the schedule, I should never have that much to update at once.

I’ll make a post as I update the other pages – Licenses and the actual regulatory links need updating next. That might be a slow process… please be patient.


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