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October 19, 2017: SECO updates Sudan sanctions

Yesterday, Swiss officials amended (corrected, really) the following individual Sudanese sanctions listing:

SSID: 190-3078 Name: Alnsiem Musa Hilal AdballaAbdalla

DOB: a) 1 Jan 1964 b) 1959 POB: Kutum Low quality a.k.a.: a) Sheikh Musa Hilal b) Abd Allah c) Abdallah d) AlNasim e) Al Nasim f) AlNaseem g) Al Naseem h) AlNasseem i) Al Nasseem Address: a) Kabkabiya, Sudan b) Kutum, Sudan (resides in Kabkabiya and the city of Kutum, Northern Darfur and has resided in Khartoum) Nationality: Sudan Identification document: a) Diplomatic passport No. D014433, Sudan, Date of issue: 21 Feb 2013, Expiry date: 21 Feb 2015 b) Diplomatic passport No. D009889, Sudan, Date of issue: 17 Feb 2011, Expiry date: 17 Feb 2013 c) Other No. A0680623, Sudan (Certificate of nationality)

Justification: a) Formerly member of the National Assembly of Sudan from Al-Waha district b) Formerly special adviser to the Ministry of Federal Affairs c) Paramount Chief of the Mahamid Tribe in North Darfur d) Report from Human Rights Watch states they have a memo dated 13 Feb 2004 from a local government office in North Darfur ordering “security units in the locality” to “allow the activities of the mujahideen and the volunteers under the command of the Sheikh Musa Hilal to proceed in the areas of [North Darfur] and to secure their vital needs”. On 28 Sep 2005, 400 Arab militia attacked the villages of Aro Sharrow (including its IDP camp), Acho, and Gozmena in West Darfur. We also believe that Musa Hilal was present during the attack on Aro Sharrow IDP camp: his son had been killed during the SLA attack on Shareia, so he was now involved in a personal blood feud. There are reasonable grounds to believe that as the Paramount Chief he had direct responsibility for these actions and is responsible for violations of international humanitarian and human rights law and other atrocities Other information: INTERPOL-UN Security Council Special Notice Modifications: Amended on 19 Apr 2013, 6 Jun 2014, 17 Oct 2017, 17 Oct 2017

Note: You’ll notice that the FINMA link brings up a blank page. Luckily, a colleague sent me the SECO link – apparently, there is a way to get SECO notices instead of FINMA. Why have a middleman if you don’t need one?


FINMA Notice

SECO Sudan Page

Data files of updates – PDFXML

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