July 25, 2017: Capricorn not the luckiest zodiac sign…

Last Tuesday, Her Majesty’s Treasury designated the following cargo vessel: 


Other Information:
UN only. UN Ref LYe.004. IMO: 8900878. This designation is valid from 21 July to 21 October 2017 unless terminated earlier. Flag State: Tanzania. As of 16 July 2017, the vessel was located off shore Cyprus. Listed on: 25/07/2017 Last Updated: 25/07/2017 Group ID: 13519. 

under the Libyan sanctions program, as per the United Nations and European Union Financial Sanctions (Linking) Regulations 2017.

Two things are unique about this. First, you may have noticed that the designation is only for 3 months, and expires automatically (unless extended) on October 21st. Secondly, the UN designation is not an asset freeze, like here – it is intended to prevent the entry into port of this vessel. So, the UN sanctions prevents docking in any UN member state’s port, but the HMT designation allows them to seize the ship.


HMT Notice

UN Press Release

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