FINTRAC website updated

FINTRAC has updated its website / Mise à jour du site Web de CANAFE

(La version française suit.)

This email is to inform you that FINTRAC has updated its website.


FINTRAC has changed the presentation of guidance to improve format and navigation. You will be able to navigate to sector specific guidance in two different ways, either from the main guidance section or from the reporting entities section.


The guidance main section includes all FINTRAC guidance as well as additional information such as policy interpretations and operational alerts.


The new reporting entity section includes guidance that is specific to your sector and links directly to the applicable guidance.


Guideline 6 has been removed from the FINTRAC website and is now replaced by ‘Know your client’ (KYC) and record keeping guidance. 


Reporting entities have been able to use the old methods or rely on the new methods to identify clients over the last year (June 30, 2016 to June 30, 2017) and this period of transition has now been extended until January 23, 2018 as confirmed by the Department of Finance. Please see Methods to identify individuals and confirm the existence of entities for more information.



Please direct questions to

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