Notice to Exporters 2017/14: PCBs/military goods components OGEL updated

The changes to the Open General Export License (OGEL) for PCBs and Components for Military Goods are:

The main change to this OGEL is that the schedule has been extended to include component parts and complete knock-down kits of the components set out in the schedule.

0.1 Schedule includes:

  • general parts such as: unpopulated (bare) printed circuit boards, wiring looms and harnesses, connectors, fasteners, mechanical switches, electric cooling fans, heat sinks, headsets, voice communications antennae, batteries, hoses, clamps, EMI/RFI filter windows, gaskets, fire extinguisher assemblies, anti-vibration/shock mounts
  • additional vehicle parts such as: brake discs, alternators and generators, axles, bearings, windshield washer, seats, doors
  • additional vessel parts such as: doors, hatches and portholes, and mountings
  • additional aircraft parts such as: micro-switches, ducts, diaphragms, passenger and crew seat assemblies, ejection-seat mounted survival aids, aircraft windows and windshield washers


Notice to Exporters 2017/14

PCBs and Components for Military Goods OGEL

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