July 20, 2017: SECO removes 1, amends 2 Syria sanctions listings

On Thursday, Swiss regulators amended the Syria sanctions listings of this person: 

SSID: 200-30651 Name: George Haswani
Good quality a.k.a.: Heswani (Hasawani, Al Hasawani) Address: Al Jalaa St, Yabroud, Damascus Province, Syrian Arab Republic
Justification: a) Leading businessperson operating in Syria, with interests and/or activities in the engineering, construction and oil and gas sectors. He holds interests in and/or has significant influence in a number of companies and entities in Syria, in particular HESCO Engineering and Construction Company, a major engineering and construction company. b) George Haswani has close ties to the Syrian regime. He provides support and benefits from the regime through his role as a middleman in deals for the purchase of oil from ISIL by the Syrian regime. He also benefits from the regime through favourable treatment including the award of a contract (as a subcontractor) with Stroytransgaz, a major Russian oil company. Modifications: Listed on 18 Mar 2015, amended on 19 Jan 2016, 10 Jun 2016, 20 Jul 2017 

and this entity: 

SSID: 200-29931 Name: Abdulkarim Group
Good quality a.k.a.: a) Al Karim for Trade and Industry b) Al Karim Group Address: Damascus, 5797
Justification: Parent company of Pangates with operational control of it. As such itAbdulkarim Group is providing support to and benefiting from thean internationally recognised Syrian regime. Itconglomerate that is also associated with Wael Abdulkarim, who is listed Syrian oil company Sytrolas a leading businessperson operating in Syria. Relation: a) Parent company of Pangates International Corp Ltd (SSID 200-29924) b) Associated with Syria Trading Oil Company (SSID 200-12478) c) Associated with Wael Abdulkarim (SSID 200-30629) Modifications: Listed on 17 Dec 2014, amended on 20 Jul 2017 

SECO also delisted the following person:


SSID: 200-30640 Name: Ahmad Barqawi
DOB: 1985 POB: Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic Good quality a.k.a.: Ahmed Address: a) Pangates International Corp Ltd, P.O.Box Sharjah Airport International Free Zone, United Arab Emirates b) Al Karim for Trade and Industry, P.O.Box 111, Damascus, 5797, Syrian Arab Republic
Justification: General Manager of Pangates International Corp Ltd, which acts as an intermediary in the supply of oil to the Syrian regime, and manager of Al Karim Group. Both Pangates International and Al Karim Group have been designated. As General Manager of Pangates and a manager of Pangates’ parent company, Al Karim Group, Ahmad Barqawi provides support to, and benefits from the Syrian regime. Given his senior position in Pangates and Al Karim Group, he is also associated with the designated entities Pangates International and Al Karim Group. Relation: a) General Manager of Pangates International Corp Ltd (SSID 200-29924) b) Manager of Abdulkarim Group (SSID 200-29931) Modifications: Listed on 18 Mar 2015, amended on 3 Jun 2015, 19 Jan 2016, 11 Oct 2016, de-listed on 20 Jul 2017 


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