FinCEN tweaks the CTR

FinCEN will be implementing changes to the Currency Transaction Report (CTR) this August. These will be reflected both in the online filing system as well as in the XML batch files. The changes, in summary, are:


Part I Person Involved in Transaction

Renamed Item 2d from “Courier Service (private)” to “Common carrier”

Part II Amount and Type of Transaction

Added a checkbox to Item 24 to reflect “Shared Branching”

Part III Transaction Location

Added an Unknown option to Item 29, Primary Federal Regulator Added an Unknown checkbox to Item 32, EIN
Added Item 37, Country
Added Item 41, Cash in amount for transaction location

Add Item 42, Cash out amount for transaction location

Part IV Filing Institution Contact Information

Added new Part IV “Filing Institution Contact Information” section to collect data about the institution that filed the CTR 

The notice also included links to the user guide for the XML format, and the related XSD file. ASCII batch files are being sunsetted – they will only be accepted until May of 2018. 

FinCEN is also hosting a webinar on June 21st to go over all the XML stuff…


FinCEN Notice

Federal Register Notice

XML User Guide


Webinar Registration

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