EU, HMT amend 70 Ukraine sanctions listings, remove 2

Earlier today, HMT implemented Council Implementing Regulation (EU) No 2017/437 by removing the following 2 person from the Ukraine (Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity) sanctions program:


  1. PAVLOV, Arseny, Sergeevich
    02/02/1983. POB: Ukhta, Komi Position: Commander of the Sparta Battalion Other Information: The Sparta Battalion is an armed separatist group involved in the fighting in eastern Ukraine. Also known as Motorola. Listed on: 16/02/2015 Last Updated: 21.09.2015 11/04/2017 Group ID: 13201.

  2. TSYPKALOV, Gennadiy, Nikolaiovych
    21/06/1973. POB: Rostov Oblast, Russia a.k.a: TSYPKALOV, Gennadii, Nikolaevich Other Information: Former so-called Prime Minister of the Lugansk People’s Republic. Previously active in the militia Army of the Southeast. Listed on: 12/09/2014 Last Updated: 17.09.2016 11/04/2017 Group ID: 13094. 

The regulation also amended the following entity:


(1) Almaz-Antey Corp. (2) Almaz-Antey Defense Corporation (3) Almaz- Antey JSC Address: 41 ul. Vereiskaya, Moscow, Russia, 121471. Other Information: Also known as Joint-Stock Company Almaz-Antey Air and Space Defence Corporation. A Russian state-owned joint stock company. Website: almaz- Listed on: 31/07/2014 Last Updated: 31/07/2014 11/04/2017 Group ID: 13076. 

As well as 69 individual listings (omitted because of the length – it takes up 8 pages in the PDF – see link below).


HMT Notice

Council Implementing Regulation (EU) No 2017/437

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