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NOTICE: Removal of HK SFC Investor Alert posts

To my readers:

The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has informed me that they do not publicize removals from their Investor Alert list:

In the rare event that an entity is removed from our Alert List, this means that the entity no longer fits into the criteria for posting on the list. However, we will not provide such information to the public, and it is not the purpose of our regular email update service to include entities removed from the Alert List.

Because of that, I have removed all posts related to the Investor Alert List – the lack of notification of removals means that piublishing the SFC notices is inherently unfair to those firms that have been listed, as there is no way for the average person to know which firms are on the list without manually inspecting each firm believed to be on the list on the SFC’s site. Therefore, since the casual reader of MrWatchlist could be misled into believing that all firms announced by the SFC are still on the List, I will no longer be posting these notices from the SFC.

Interested readers can subscribe to the SFC email alerts, and can verify current status for all firms announced by the SFC to be on the Investor Alert List on the SFC site.


SFC Investor Alert site

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