Two Kingpin Act General Licenses Extended (Again)

OFAC extended the expiration date of the 2 Kingpin Act sanctions General License relating to Balboa Bank & Trust and Balboa Securities for another 60 days or so. They will now expire on April 7th. As is the norm, this is done by creating new General Licenses with alphabetic suffixes that supersede the existing ones. In this case, 5C and 6C replace 5B and 6B.

A note: OFAC originally published this notice on the Recent Actions page on Wednesday, with an incorrect title (omitting “Amendment to”) and without sending the usual email notification. They then put out a new item on the Recent Actions page, with the proper title and with the email. Why they couldn’t just fix what they have is beyond Mr. Watchlist.


OFAC Notice

General License 5C

General License 6C

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