January 3, 2016: Hong Kong issues Investor Alert updates

From the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (HK SFC):

Update on Investor Alert投資警報最新消息

3 January 2017

The following entities have been added/updated on our Alert List:

– “ABS Group Limited”

– “Aegis Corporation Ltd”

– “AMC International (HK) Limited”

– “AWDH Trading Limited”- “Braemar Capital of Hong Kong”

– “Cathedral Core Service Limited Partnership”

– “CTI Limited”

– “DFRF Enterprises LLC’

– “DFRF Enterprises, LLC”

– “Featherstone Pte Limited”

– “First Venture Capital Group”

– “Florin Investment Limited”

– “Franklin Transfer Services”

– “Global Future City Holding Inc.”

– “Global Future City Holdings (Hong Kong) Company Limited”

– “HC Capital Asia”

– “HC Capital Trust”

– “Huaxin Financial Holdings (Hong Kong) Limited”

– “Intergrated Hui Tong Trading Co Ltd / Intergrated Hui Tong Co Ltd”

– “Kaplan Asset Management”

– “Kaufman Capital Management”

– “Kings View Capital Advisors”

– “Langford Nachman”

– “Lawton & Yeung”

– “Lexus Group”

– “Mitsui Credit Global”

– “Nikko-Desjardins Asset Management”

– “Orient Int’l Copyright Trading Holdings Limited / Oriental International Culture and Art Exchange Platform”

– “Peterson Group”

– “Private Venture Capital Group”

– “Resona Corporate Partners”

– “Safe Mark Limited”

– “Sealand Trading (Hong Kong) Limited”

– “Softbank CIBC International”

– “Soleil Chartered Investments”

– “Somerset Capital Limited”

– “Tharapatong Limited”

– “Thornwood Financial”

– “United Rich Capital Investment Limited”

– “V.T. Robinsons”

– “William Paulstern”- “www.mbacapltd.com

– “www.wmgltd.com / www.wmgfund.com

– “www.xsvg.com “

– “www.yun199.com

– “長江創投基金—興盛1號 (Chinese name only)”


HK SFC Notice

Alert List

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