ECO gets refreshed, too…

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We had been advised that exporters were experiencing difficulties in navigating export control advice and guidance on the GOV.UK website. In consultation with industry and SPIRE users, the many pages of information have been rewritten and the new guides will go live on 11 January 2016.

In terms of the GOV.UK content architecture there will be a top level guide called Exporting and doing business abroad. This is aimed at the first time exporter and includes a list of commercial product sectors hyperlinked to more detailed guidance. Information about strategic exports can be accessed from a number of the sector headings.

These then link to two main guides amalgamating all the information:

Get a licence to export and broker military or dual use goods services or technology 

SPIRE guidance for export licences

These guides will provide access to requirements for a licence; the actual licences; SPIRE; the obligations of the exporter and much more detail. Please familiarise yourself with this information.  

The old guides have been moved to the GOV.UK archive. If you have bookmarked these individual guides for everyday use, your request will automatically re-direct to the appropriate archived page. However please note these pages will be frozen and not updated.

Any updates to policy, control lists, licence requirements, sanctions etc will be incorporated into the new Guides. 

The Export Control Organisation (ECO) will of course continue to announce these changes using the subscription service, ECO Notices to Exporters. Please ensure you are registered for these here (scroll down the right-hand column of the page until you see ’email alerts’.)


For general export control queries please contact the ECO Helpline on 020 7215 4594 or ECO Help

ECO Business Awareness Unit Export Control Organisation

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