Central Bank of Ireland sanctions & AML update

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Date: December 2016




Dear Subscriber, 

Some recent news and developments: 

    • The Central Bank is responsible for financial regulation in Ireland. In early 2017 the Central Bank will carry out a review of frozen
      funds held in financial institutions. The review will aim to update and capture information relating to all funds frozen by financial institutions
      in Ireland pursuant to regulations. Financial Institutions are reminded of the Central Banks expectation to be notified of any activity in
      relation to the freezing or unfreezing of funds under relevant regulations. This review will assist all firms in complying with the current regulations.

    • The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has recently completed the initial on-site review work of Ireland. FATF assessors held meetings
      with both regulators and industry, along with other stakeholders during their time in Ireland. Ireland will receive an initial
      report in January with the drafting process to continue until June. The report will be discussed in June, at the FATF plenary in Spain.
    • See the link below to the Central Bank website where you will find further information and news on Recent EU/UN Financial Sanctions.
      The latest news on Financial Sanctions are published on the Central Bank website. 

If you have any questions regarding this communication, please contact the Central Bank directly: 

Financial Sanctions Unit
Anti-Money Laundering Division
Central Bank of Ireland
Block D
Iveagh Court
Harcourt Road
Dublin 2

Email: sanctions@centralbank.ie

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