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Notice to Exporters 2016/24: changes to Open Licenses

The Export Control Organisation has updated and amended five Open General Export Licences (OGELs) following an update to the EU dual-use list, which was published in the EU Official Journal, 15 November 2016. The updates include changes to the goods schedule of each relevant licence.

Ivory Coast and Liberia have been removed from the list of excluded destinations for the OGEL (PCBs and components for dual-use items). This follows the removal of EU sanctions in June 2016.

All licences have been updated to refer to the new Department for International Trade, of which the Export Control Organisation now forms a part and to amend the address (where relevant) for the MOD team in the Export Control Joint Unit (who process Form 680 applications).

Open General Export Licence (international non-proliferation regime decontrols: dual-use items) has been revoked as it is no longer of use to exporters.

0.1Licences affected

0.2Action for exporters

If you can no longer meet the terms and conditions of a particular licence because the scope of the goods or destinations have changed, or if a licence has been revoked, then you will need to de-register from the licence via SPIRE.


If your goods are no longer subject to export controls because the relevant rating code has been amended or deleted then you no longer need a licence to export those goods. However, you will still need to complete an annual return at the end of the calendar year in December for any exports of these goods made under an Open General or Open Individual Export Licence. If your goods are still controlled but not listed under an appropriate OGEL, you will need to apply for a Standard Individual Export Licence.



Notice to Exporters 2016/24

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