November 14, 2016: I can see Russian officials from OFAC!

With apologies to SNL and Sarah Palin…

On Monday, OFAC added the following 6 persons: 

BAKHAREV, Konstantin Mikhailovich; DOB 20 Oct 1972; POB Ukraine; Gender Male (individual) [UKRAINE-EO13660]. 
BALBEK, Ruslan Ismailovich; DOB 28 Aug 1977; POB Uzbekistan; Gender Male (individual) [UKRAINE-EO13660]. 
BELIK, Dmitry Anatolievich; DOB 17 Oct 1969; POB Russia; Gender Male (individual) [UKRAINE-EO13660]. 
KOZENKO, Andrey Dmitrievich; DOB 03 Aug 1981; POB Ukraine; Gender Male (individual) [UKRAINE-EO13660]. 
SAVCHENKO, Svetlana Borisovna; DOB 24 Jun 1965; POB Ukraine; Gender Female (individual) [UKRAINE-EO13660]. 
SHPEROV, Pavel Valentinovich; DOB 04 Jul 1971; POB Ukraine; Gender Male (individual) [UKRAINE-EO13660]. 

to their Ukraine-related sanctions. Notice that these folks are designated under E.O. 13660, which is the original program focused on Ukraine, rather than Russian officials and oligarchs.


OFAC Notice

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