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Notice to Exporters 2016/23: SPIRE website and email addresses updated

Some aspects of Spire, the Export Control Organisation’s (ECO’s) online export licensing system, have been amended to reflect the fact that ECO is now part of the Department for International Trade, which was created on 14 July 2016.

The following website addresses are now live:

Email addresses for individual staff have also been updated to:

0.1 What will this mean for exporters?

Please note that any licences or other documents that were issued by BIS and which carry the BIS name/logo will continue to have legal effect as if they were issued by DIT.

All documentation, including licences and letters, have been updated to reflect the new DIT identity.

Internet searches for the old web addresses ( and will be redirected for the short term. But we recommend that you use the new ‘trade’ addresses from now, as the redirects are only temporary.

0.2Contact details



Export Control Organisation
3rd Floor 
1 Victoria Street


Contact for general queries about strategic export licensing.



Notice to Exporters 2016/23

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