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October 18, 2016: EU, HMT change 1, remove 1 from ISIL (Da’esh) / Al-Qaida sanctions

On Tuesday, Her Majesty’s Treasury (HMT) implemented Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 2016/1827 by removing the following individual from its anti-terror sanctions program (not the ones promulgated under the Terrorist Asset-Freezing etc Act 2010): 

AL-WAHISHI, Nasir, Abd-Al-Karim, Abdullah
DOB: 01/10/1976. POB: Yemen a.k.a: (1) AL WAHICHI, Nasser, Abdelkarim,
Saleh (2) AL-WAHISHI, Abu Basir, Nasir (3) AL-WAHISHI, Naser, Abdel, Karim (4) AL- WAHISHI, Nasir (5) AL-WEHAISHI, Abu Baseer (6) AL-WOOHAISHI, Abdul, Kareem, Abdullah (7) AL-WOUHICHI, Nasser, Abdul-karim, Abdullah (8) AL-WUHAYSHI, Abu Basir, Nasir (9) AL-WUHAYSHI, Nasir, Abd al-Karim (10) AL-WUHISHI, Abu Basir, Nasser Nationality: Yemeni Passport Details: 40483 (Yemeni). Issued on 5 Jan
1997 Other Information: UN Ref QDI.274. Reportedly deceased in Yemen in June 2015. Group ID: 11045. 

and modifying the following listing:

DOB: 20/01/1964. POB: Johor, Malaysia Nationality: Malaysian Passport Details: A 10472263 National Identification no: 640120-01- 5529 Address:
(1) Taman Bukit Ampang, State of Selangor, Malaysia (as at Apr 2009). (previous address) (2) Malaysia (in prison since 2013) Other Information: UN Ref QI.S.124.03 QDi.124. Also referred to as Joe and Abu Zufar. Group ID: 7848. 


HMT Notice

Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 2016/1827

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