September 28, 2016: OFAC adds to DRC, counter-terrorism sanctions

Last Wednesday, OFAC added one person to its terrorism sanctions program: 

EL ABBOUBI, Anas (a.k.a. ABDU SHAKUR, Anas; a.k.a. AL-ABBOUBI, Anas; a.k.a. EL-ABBOUBI, Anas; a.k.a. SHAKUR, Anas; a.k.a. “Abu Rawaha the Italian”; a.k.a. “Abu the Italian”; a.k.a. “AL-ITALY, Anas”; a.k.a. “Mc Khalifh”; a.k.a. “Mc Khaliph”; a.k.a. “McKhalif”; a.k.a. “Rawaha al Itali”), Aleppo, Syria; DOB 01 Oct 1992 to 31 Oct 1992; POB Marrakech, Morocco (individual) [SDGT].

and two persons to the sanctions against the Democratic Republic of the Congo:

KUMBA, Gabriel Amisi (a.k.a. AMISI, Nkumba; a.k.a. “Tango Fort”; a.k.a. “Tango Four”); DOB 28 May 1964; nationality Congo, Democratic Republic of the; Gender Male; Major General; Commander of the First Defense Zone; Former Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo land forces commander (individual) [DRCONGO]. 
NUMBI, John; DOB 1957; POB Kolwezi, Katanga Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo; Gender Male; General; Former National Inspector, Congolese National Police (individual) [DRCONGO].


OFAC Notice

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