Telegraphing the Punch: OFAC Burma Sanctions not gone yet, but almost

OFAC yesterday added the following question to its Burma sanctions FAQ section:

480. How will OFAC implement the changes to the Burma sanctions program announced by the President on September 14, 2016? Are the changes effective immediately?

The President has announced his intention to terminate the national emergency with respect to Burma.  His decision will be legally effective when he issues a new Executive Order terminating that national emergency and revoking the Burma Executive Orders.  At that time, the sanctions imposed under OFAC’s Burmese Sanctions Regulations will no longer be in effect.  OFAC will formally remove the Burmese Sanctions Regulations from the Code of Federal Regulations and take other administrative actions as necessary.  Other departments and agencies will implement additional changes that will be announced on their websites as appropriate.  [09-14-16]

Kind of weird, given that the President had plenty of time on his hands to kill off the Cote d’Ivoire program. Wonder why the Burma program is different…


OFAC Notice

Burma FAQ

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