August 31, 2016: OFAC adds Abdiqadir Mumin to terror sanctions

On Wednesday, OFAC added the following person to their counter-terrorism sanctions program:

MUMIN, Abdiqadir (a.k.a. MUMIN YUSUF, Sheikh Abdiqadir; a.k.a. MUMIN, Abdul Nadir; a.k.a. MUMIN, Abdul Qadir; a.k.a. MU’MIN, Abdul Qadr; a.k.a. MUMIN, Sheikh Abdikadir; a.k.a. MUMIN, Sheikh Abdulkadir; a.k.a. MUMIN, Sheikh Abdulqadir; a.k.a. MUMIN, Sheiky Abdulqadir), Puntland, Somalia; DOB 1951 to 1953; POB Somalia (individual) [SDGT]. 


OFAC Notice

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