July 28, 2016: Hong Kong SFC updates Investor Alert List


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Update on Investor Alert
28 July 2016
The following entities have been added/updated on our Alert List:
– “Apex Equities”
– “Arthur-Sera Limited”
– “Asia Alliance Ltd”
– “Asia Pacific Brokerage”
– “Bass Creek Advisors”
– “Camden Financial Services”
– “Central Option / Central Provider Ltd”
– “Cunningham Mutual”
– “CVC Groups Private Capital / CVC Ltd”
– “Daikyo Brokerage Limited”
– “DaTong Global”
– “DP Consulting Group”
– “Experia Management Group/ Experia Management Group (HK)”
– “Fuji Credit Asset Management”
– “Global Fiduciary Solutions Limited”
– “HCF Financial Service Limited”
– “Hillgrand Limited”
– “IBC Capital Limited”
– “Jordan Group Financial”
– “Keiyo Asset Management”
– “Kirkwood Global”
– “Klarman Securities”
– “Kline Capital Partners”
– “Lambert and Sons Incorporated”
– “Offshore East Private Wealth Managers”
– “Pullman Wealth Management Consulting Limited”
– “Regency Associates”
– “Sachs International, S.A.”
– “Shi Fu Investment (Hongkong) Co Ltd / Shi Fu Jin Rong Capital Ltd”
– “Silver Ridge Resources”
– “Southwell & Stone Capital Partners”
– “Standard Management Investment Limited”
– “StrongOaks Risk Management Limited”
– “Titanium Wealth Management Inc.”
– “Union Markets Limited”
– “US Capital Private Bank / US Capital Funding II/ U.S. Capital II Investments (Hong Kong) Ltd”
– “Value Management Inc”
– “vip.yzfyy.com
– “www.dlmlimitedhk.com
– “www.jmusics.com
– “www.lianhepme.com
– “www.nhjr999.com


HK SFC Notice

Investor Alert List

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