August 4, 2016: UN, OSFI add 2 to ISIL (Da’esh) and Al-Qaida list

Yesterday, Canadian officials added the following 2 persons to their anti-terror list, following the United Nations ISIL (Da’esh) and Al-Qaida Sanctions Committee:

Name (original script): Аслан Авгазарович Бютукаев
Title: na Designation: na DOB: 22 Oct. 1974 POB: Kitaevka, Novoselitskiy District, Stavropol Region, Russian Federation Good quality a.k.a.: na Low quality a.k.a.: a) Amir Khazmat (original script: Амир Хазмат) b) Abubakar (original script: Абубакар) Nationality: Russian Federation Passport no.: na National identification no.: naAddress: Akharkho Street, 11, Katyr-Yurt, Achkhoy-Martanovskiy District, Republic of Chechnya, Russian Federation Listed on: 3 Aug. 2016 Other information:  Wanted by the authorities of the Russian Federation for terrorist crimes.  Commands a suicide battalion of Riyadus-Salikhin Reconnaissance and Sabotage Battalion of Chechen Martyrs (RSRSBCM) (QDe.100).

QDi.397 Name: 1: AYRAT 2: NASIMOVICH 3: VAKHITOV 4: na
Name (original script): Айрат Насимович Вахитов
Title: na Designation: na DOB: 27 Mar. 1977 POB: Naberezhnye Chelny, Republic of Tatarstan, Russian Federation Good quality a.k.a.: Salman Bulgarskiy (original script: Салман Булгарский) Low quality a.k.a.: na Nationality: Russian Federation Passport no.: na National identification no.: na Address: na Listed on: 3 Aug. 2016 Other information:  May use a fake passport of a Syrian or Iraqi citizen.  Member of the Al-Nusrah Front for the People of the Levant (ANF) (QDe.137), “Bulgar Group”, leads a group of 100 fighters.  Photo available for inclusion in the INTERPOL-UN Security Council Special Notice.


OSFI Notice

UN Notice

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