August 3, 2016: OFAC adds to counter terrorism sanctions

On Wednesday, OFASC added the following person: 

ABRINI, Mohamed (a.k.a. ABRINI, Mohammad; a.k.a. ABRINI, Mohammed), Belgium; DOB 27 Dec 1984; nationality Belgium; alt. nationality Morocco (individual) [SDGT].

and the following entity: 

JAMAAT-UL-AHRAR (a.k.a. AAFIA SIDDIQUE BRIGADE; a.k.a. JAMAAT-E-AHRAR; a.k.a. JAMAATUL AHRAR; a.k.a. JAMAATUL-AHRAR; a.k.a. JAMAAT-UL-AHRAR TTP; a.k.a. JAMATUL AHRAR; a.k.a. JAMAT-UL-AHRAR; a.k.a. TEHREEK-I-TALIBAN JAMAAT-UL-AHRAR; a.k.a. TEHRIK-E-TALIBAN PAKISTAN JAMAAT-E-AHRAR; a.k.a. “JUA”; a.k.a. “TTP-JA”; a.k.a. “TTP-JUA”), Afghanistan; Mohmand Tribal Agency, Pakistan; Bajaur Tribal Agency, Pakistan; Khyber Tribal Agency, Pakistan; Arakzai Tribal Agency, Pakistan; Charsadda, Pakistan; Peshawar, Pakistan; Swat, Pakistan [SDGT].

to its anti-terror sanctions program.


OFAC Notice

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