June 7, 2016: Updated HK SFC Investor Alert list

On June 7th, the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) announced that the following names were added or updated in its investor Alert List:

– “Ao Global Investment (Hong Kong) Co Ltd”

– “Blackrock Financial Co Ltd”

– “Blackstone Financial Investment Co Ltd”

– “5Markets Limited”

– “Admiral Global Private Equity Group”

– “Alex & Hazel Limited”

– “Apex International Consulting Corporation”

– “Berenberg Private Banking”

– “Bluefield Partners”

– “China Emerald Consulting”

– “chinablackrock.com

– “Clewis Financial”

– “Crown Star Investment Limited”

– “cvc.cvchy.com

– “DAG Consultants Limited”

– “Emma & Ethan Limited”

– “Forbes Private Capital Group (HK)”

– “FX Protrade”

– “Galaad Capital Group”

– “Global Ark Group”

– “Granada Capital”

– “Guidepost Investments Limited”

– “Hasegawa Financial Holdings”

– “HKIC Group”

– “HKIC Systems Limited”

– “Hong Kong International Million Abundant Cultural Art Limited”

– “IPC Capital”

– “James Doyle”

– “Kent Holdings International Limited”

– “Lloyd & Mitchell Partners”

– “Mizuho International Financial Investment Company Limited”

– “Momentum FX / Momentum Markets / Momentum Management Limited”

– “Parus Capital Hong Kong Limited”

– “Parus Capital Limited”

– “Pullman Wealth Management”

– “Renminbi Yuan Holdings China”

– “Shinjuku Commodities”

– “Smallwood & Brown Ltd”

– “Sunrise Brokers Group”

– “Sunseeker Energy Limited”

– “Thomas & Lynch Inc.”

– “Tommy and Bobby Limited”

– “Tyson Asset Management Inc.”

– “US Capital Private Bank / US Capital Funding II/ U.S. Capital Investment II (Hong Kong) Ltd”

– “Voth Nixon Group”

– “Waldorf Harding Associates”

– “www.blackrockltccn.com

– “www.cvchy.net

– “www.jannchorpartners.com

– “www.tzfqy.com

– “www.vipblackrockltccn.com

– “深圳市中信達資產管理有限公司 (Chinese name only)”



HK SFC Notice

HK SFC Alert List

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