July 14, 2016: Parviz Khan Final Designation Expires

Yesterday, Her Majesty’s Treasury announced that the Final Designation of: 


KHAN, Parviz
(1) 17/10/1970. (2) 16/10/1970. POB: (1) Mirpur (2) Derby, (1) Pakistan (2) United Kingdom Nationality: British Passport Details: 459027340 (British) Address: Birmingham, United Kingdom (previous address), B8. Other Information: UK listing only. Male. Sentenced to life imprisonment in Feb 2008. In custody in the UK (as at Feb 2016). Group ID: 9026. 

under the Terrorist Asset-Freezing etc Act of 2010 had expired after its latest 1-year term. That means that Mr. Khan is no longer subject to HMT sanctions.


HMT Notice

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