Dis (Claimer) & Dat

Mr. Watchlist wants to make clear what hopefully most of you know; this blog and its resource pages are maintained on a best-effort basis. It’s not comprehensive, although I strive to improve and maintain the content as I have time.

However, while the About page here has a clear disclaimer, the other pages have not. That is now changed – each resource page makes clear that I do this on a best-effort basis. This is something I work on in my spare time (I do a lot of updates on weekends, when I have more focused time).

Now, some good news: in response to some feedback I received, I have made significant updates to the Laws & Regulations page. I’ve added all the OFAC Executive Orders, and all the listed laws and regulations. If I get some time, I may add the various guidance docunents.

Oh, and I cleaned up and made some updates to the Events page…although I think I need to see if I can find some more (it seems kind of skimpy, although that may just be a function of this time of year).

As always, feel free to use the Contact form to suggest other resources I can add to make this more useful for you.

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