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Notice to Exporters 2016/18: Maritime Piracy OTGCL updated

OGTCL = Open General Trade Control License…

According to the ECO, the OGTCL was updated “to reflect developments and changes in the sector to which the licence applies. This has been done in consultation with companies operating in the maritime anti-piracy sector.”

The Notice contains links to the OGTCL and to an informational note. The note is basically an FAQ – here’s a sampling of some of the topics:

What happens if you need to sell your weapons and other controlled goods because your company is closing down or has become insolventor is stopping all private maritime security work.

What happens to your licences if your company has been taken over by or purchased by another private maritime security company or has undergone a merger with another company

What happens if you do something that your licence says you shouldn’t do, e.g. if you go into port in a place where you shouldn’t go because the country is in Schedule 2 of the OGTCL MA-P.


Notice to Exporters 2016/18

Maritime Anti-Piracy OGTCL

OGTCL Information Note

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