May 17, 2016: DFAT changes to Libya sanctions

On Tuesday, Australian regulators removed the following entity: 


A.k.a.: KASSOS F.k.a.: na Address: na Listed on: 27 Apr. 2016 Other information: IMO: 

9077343. Listed pursuant to paragraphs 10(a) and 10(b) of resolution 2146 (prohibition to load, 

transport or discharge; prohibition to enter ports). Pursuant to paragraph 11 of resolution 2146 

(2014), this designation is valid from 27 April to 26 July 2016, unless terminated earlier by the 

Committee pursuant to paragraph 12 of resolution 2146 (2014). Deadweight: 95,420. Flag State: 

India. The vessel may have been sold recently to an unknown buyer and the vessel’s name may 

have changed to Kassos. As of 26 April 2016, the vessel was north of Al-Bayda, Libya, heading 

for Malta. 

from their Consolidated List (where it had been listed under the Libyan sanctions regime) after the change was promulgated by the United Nations Sanctions Committee for that program.


UN Notice

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